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The Three Story High Club (Joan of Arcadia) -- GUEST STORY

Title:The Three Story High Club
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Characters: Adam Rove and Joan Girardi Rove
Word count: 1,270
Rating: R
Summary: Adam and Joan have an... interlude after their workloads keep them from spending any real time together for a week.
Laura's Note: this is the first and possibly last time I’m ever gonna have a guest author. Deb’s a friend of mine and an amazing writer, so I’m sharing my space with her. Fair trade off since she and TeeJay have been letting me fall in and out of the “Butterflies” universe (which, by the way, go read it if you aren’t... now... then come back here and read this. There’s a R and a PG-13 version, you have no excuse). Anyway, Deb and TeeJay are the only two people I will ever be willing to share my space here with, so don’t bother asking.
Deb's Note: Thanks to my BF, Steph for telling me about a fantasy of hers in a chat that left me breathless. I told her I was going to steal it for A/J and I did, with her kind permission. She tells me the result leaves her breathless.

Adam arrived at the conference center at around 12:45 just as Joan instructed. Break was at 1 PM. He tried to call her on her cell so she could meet him out front, but she wasn't answering. He finally realized she probably had to turn it off while she was working the booth. She must've gotten held up. He decided to park the camper and go find her.

She only had a couple of hours break in the ten hour day and he wanted to make sure she got a nice lunch and had some time to relax and get off her feet before she had to go back and work till almost 10 PM.

He'd barely seen her all week as she worked to prepare for the conference. He was very tied up at the studio that week too. He and Henry were trying to sign a new client and things weren't going as planned.

If he was honest, he'd admit that he felt a bit... disconnected from his wife at the moment. And she had to work on Sunday as well. He tried to fill his lonely weekend with chores around the house. And of course he had his class on Sunday. But it was still a drag. He had loaded up the camper with a bunch of junk Joan wanted hauled away to the dump. He planned to do that after her break since the dump was on that end of town.

He felt a twinge of regret when he realized that he had let many opportunities to spend some time with her pass throughout the week. But they'd both been so tired in the evenings, they mostly just collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep in front of the TV. He couldn't remember the last time they'd made love.

When he finally found her, in the lobby, just coming out of the ladies room, he was stunned at how beautiful she looked. There he was in his t-shirt and jeans and she was a knock-out in heels and a just-short-enough skirt. He'd already been busy with his chores when she left the house. He only saw her from the backyard as she got in her car and called out a goodbye.

It was a long way back to the camper but he hadn't been able to get a spot near the building when he first arrived. Now that it was lunch break, most everyone had cleared out. He'd parked in an area around a curve and as they walked across the almost empty lot, he noticed that it was actually fairly dark back there.

By the time they reached the truck, he had already stolen a dozen glances at her and he was feeling very romantic so he went to open her door.

"Thank you, sweetie," she smiled and touched his face as she turned to get in. When her palm slid across his lips he kissed it. She stopped in her tracks. Looked at him. His eyes were dark on her.

Within a second, she felt his right hand in her hair cupping back of her head. He leaned into her, pressed her back against the side of the seat. With one arm around her waist pulling her in and the other still in her hair, he kissed her gently, then with tentative tongue. She was deliriously receptive. Next, he sucked her lower lip. She felt her knees give as it seemed to last forever. Her breath was stolen from her. She reached for his chest for support, and felt the rapid beat of his heart. Her hand slid up into his hair as if it has a mind of its own.

God, yes. The mutual hair fondling was a personal favorite of both of them and it was certainly working its magic now. They were melding into each other without a care in the world.

Suddenly, he broke off, but he didn't move back. Not an inch. She looked into his eyes and found them heavy with desire. If she didn't put a stop to this, he was going to take her right there in the corner of the the third floor parking deck of the Arcadia Conference Center.

"This... isn't a good idea," she whispered. "If someone sees us..."

"What?" he smiled, looking around and finding no one in sight.

She looked around too. "Screw it. Kiss me again." She pulled him in until their lips met in a fierce dance filled with need.

He kissed her once, twice, his hand disentangled from her hair. His other hand still held her tight to him. She could feel his excitement and it made her head swim with anticipation. His hand began to drift down her side and down her leg until he reached the hem of her skirt and pushed it up, slowly. Slowly traveling up her leg. He broke from her lips when he felt the garter and then the top of her stocking. God, oh God. The garters.

His fingers clutched her bare skin now and she felt her leg being draw toward him. The deep, languid kisses resumed and she had to sit back against the seat before she passed out.

Arm wrapped around her leg, his fingers traced circles inside her thigh as they traveled slowly upward. His hand slid into the edge of her panties. His fingers brushed over her clit, pinching it between them before they slipped deep inside her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he rocked her to a quick, intense release. She barely had time to gasp. A beautiful sound that ricocheted off seemingly every surface of the parking deck.

She kissed him desperately as he unzipped his pants and pulled her panties to one side. She gasped again, this time with want of him, all of him inside her. Now!

He stepped into her and she wrapped her left leg around him, balancing her right against the door of the truck. She expected urgency, but he pushed in very slowly.

Often she hated his teasing, his delaying her what she wanted. This seemed different. He didn't just want a quickie. He wanted to really feel her. And she had to admit that it was wonderful. Her back arched involuntarily and she bit her lip. "Mmmmmmmmm..."

His long, slow, rhythmic strokes began to pick up a bit of speed and a soft, honey-dipped moan escaped his lips, as he breathed close to her ear.

"God, Adam!" she blurted when he hit just the right groove.

He grabbed a handful of her hair again and devoured her lips. Her orgasm pulled him right along too as he rocked hard into her. He pulled her hair maybe a tiny bit too hard as he fought to keep his orgasm from being vocal.

Joan couldn't keep silent as his final thrust sent another spasm through her. "Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!" It echoed all around the parking deck. She quickly clamped her own hand over her mouth.

And they collapsed against each other in exhausted, ecstatic laugher, still entangled and entwined. And breathing hard.

Finally, she leaned back and brushed his thick hair off his forehead, just looking at his beautiful flushed face. "God, I love you," she smiled at him.

"The feeling is most definitely mutual," he grinned leaning in to give her a quick, soft kiss. "Wanna go get something to eat?"

"Yeah, I'm starved."

As they pulled out of the parking deck and into the street, he asked, "So how's your day going?"

"It just got a hell of a lot better."
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