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Laura's fanfiction

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one girl, lots of crazy

This is the place where I post all of my fanfiction. I'm the only one
with posting access here, because I'm the only one with reason to post.
If you want to keep up with my stories it'll just be easiest if you
friend and watch the community (click the little person with the orange plus).
Most of my stories are in response to challenges such as fanfic100,
almost all of my stories are single chapter ficlets. Everything that is
posted here is unbetaed, meaning no one proof read it before I posted it
here, so if any mistakes are found in a story please point it out to me in a review.

Everything posted here is fanfiction, so if I ever forget a disclaimer, I don't
claim any of the characters, movies, TV shows, books, etc. to be mine.
I've written for is listed in my interests below. If there isn't a prompt table for
what you're looking for, then check memories for that fandom or the tags list inside the journal.
Current Challenge Tables

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^^^^ Joan/Adam lover100 prompt table

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^^^^ Grace/Adam fanfic100 prompt table

^^^^ Casey/Jason ships50 prompt table

^^^^ Casey/Jason un_love_you prompt table

^^^^ Casey/Jason 10_orders prompt table

^^^^ Leonard/Penny ships50 prompt table

^^^^ Ronnie/Aubrey 25fluffyfics prompt table
Completed Challenge Tables

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^^^ family_15, The Rove Family prompt table

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^^^^ Grace/Adam 30_friends prompt table

^^^^ Adam/Joan ships50 prompt table

^^^^ Ronnie/Aubrey ships50 prompt table

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^^^^ Joan/Adam fanfic100 prompt table
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